What is Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual translation

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What is Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Making sure your multilingual translation reads properly

So you’ve had your fabulous new brochure translated into 10 different languages, and now all that remains is to get your designer to slot in your translated content. Except there’s just one problem – your designer is great at designing, but they can’t speak 10 languages.

More often than not, companies may need an extra hand with multilingual translation, particularly when dealing with many languages, or something that has to be visually perfect. This is where Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) or typesetting comes into play. Our multilingual translation experts will work with your existing content, translate it, and deliver it back to you in the same format, and keeping the design as close to the original as possible. Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) ensures that your translated content both reads properly and looks the part, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge your message will reach your customers with no embarrassing mistakes. You might think that it would be fairly easy to do this yourself, but there are a lot of things to bear in mind.
Non-Latin characters
When translating content into a language that doesn’t use a Latin alphabet, like Chinese, Russian or Hindi, for example, this can throw up all kinds of problems. Firstly, the space that these can take up is often more than other languages – text may need re-sizing completely, which leaves the problem of where to put line breaks when you don’t even know what the text says! Add to this the fact that some languages, like Arabic, read right-to-left and it can all start to look a bit confusing. More often than not, that font you spent days agonising over simply isn’t available for non-Latin alphabets. What’s more, particularly with Chinese and Japanese scripts, you’ll need an updated version (or even a different version entirely!) of your chosen design platform, whether it’s Photoshop, InDesign or PowerPoint. We can also work with any number of major file formats, including jpg, ppt or XML. Ask us to find out if we can work with your preferred format. Our multilingual translation experts have access to all the latest desktop publishing software and can even work with you to suggest suitable fonts for your non-Latin translations.
This step goes a little further than just a basic multilingual translation, and ensures your message is culturally appropriate to speakers of your target language. This can be something as simple as making sure your finished product has the correct currency symbols or date format. It can also get a little more in-depth, for example, making sure the colours used are going to give off the right message to your target market. Our expert translators are all native-speakers with a qualification in translating or interpreting and at least three years of translation experience. Our in-country translators live and breathe their language, and are in the best position to know the latest trends, subtle nuances and cultural no-nos of their mother tongue.
Quality Assurance
Reflective Source Translation company strictly adheres to ISO:9001, requirements which means we are dedicated to providing a strict Quality Assurance procedure. When you choose Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) with us, you can relax knowing your project is in experienced hands. Not only do our professional linguists carefully check their translations, but the finished product is given a thorough proofread by a separate native-speaker, so you can trust the finished item both looks fantastic and reads well. To chat about your multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) needs, Contact us today.